Date Night Ideas for The Long Term Couple or Young Lovers

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Get your romantic juices flowing with these simple yet creative, and adorable yet affordable ideas for a romantic evening.

Winetastic Paint Night

Bring out your favorite bottle of wine and get ready for a night to remember. You have multiple options on how to go about having this creative night


  • Paint me like one of your french girls

You can either sit on opposing sides from one of another and paint each others lovely face on a canvas/paper or you can take turns and get creative with the posing each other. This can be as serious or lack there of as much as you wish it to be. Spend a little prep-time before hand, pregame and dressing up or dressing down. This is a great idea for a fun photo-shoot and often ends with laughter.

  • Body Paint

Similar to the above option but instead of painting on canvas or paper you are painting each others bodies. If you are feeling like spending an extra dollar or two, I would recommend getting neon paints, black light, and have your own little mini party with the two of you.

  • Paint a Painting Together

This is perhaps the most tender of the options if you are feeling just simply having a good evening together. Put on some calm music and create something unique together. If you are beginner level at painting I highly recommend painting abstract.

  • Bob Ross Drinking Game

For the less artsy type of individuals put on some Bob Ross and try to learn a new skill together. I highly recommend making this into a drinking game. Such as take a drink every time he cleans his brush, or talks about how beautiful a color is or not to worry about whatever it is that the two of you are painting. Might need something a bit stronger then wine for this one.

What you need

⦁ Wine or alcoholic beverage of your choice

⦁ Paint or body paint

⦁ Paper or canvas

⦁ Paint brushes

⦁ Something to wash your paint in

⦁ Speaker

Not your Normal Night with No Electricity Night

This is an amazing way to really disconnect from the world and really dive into connecting with each other. No phones, no TV, no computer, no lights. Instead light some candles! Read to each other out loud, eat a cheese board with fruits and crackers. A really nice touch to create the ambiance is to grab some sheets, pillows, and more pillows, and make a cute bohemian indoor camping spot to cuddle up on.

What you will need

⦁ Sheets/Blankets

⦁ Pillows

⦁ Candles

⦁ Cheese

⦁ Crackers

⦁ Fruits

⦁ Book

Hygienic Night!

Don't be frightened by the name of this night. This is a night is equally for you as it is for your lover. Some ways to indulge in the romantic night is with a bubble bath, face masks, foot rubs, and of course a romantic cup of hot tea OR a hot toddy.

What you will need

⦁ Face mask (you can also simply make your own)

⦁ Tea

⦁ Bath bombs

⦁ Lotion

A Cozy Movie Night

I recommend combining this recommendation with Hygienic Night. Grab the popcorn, snacks, candies, ice-cream, and something to drink. I suggest rum and coke, since cola best enjoyed with a movie. Add an extra romantic feel by adding some twinkle lights to the room. If you have a projector it adds a little extra something to the air but if not that is okay too. A nice thing to do before you have your movie night is to head to the kitchen together and make your own loaded ice-cream Sunday together.

Movie suggestions

⦁ Coneheads

⦁ Nemo

⦁ 50 First Dates

⦁ The Wrong Missy

⦁ Murder Mystery

What you need

⦁ Popcorn

⦁ Snacks

⦁ Candy

⦁ Ice-cream

⦁ Rum

⦁ Coke

⦁ Cherry Coke

⦁ Twinkly lights

⦁ Projector/ TV

Nerf Gun Wars

This energetic night will either end in all out war or rolling on the floor with laughter. You can do this at home or a near by park. Face shots are not allowed. A fun thing to add to this for a little bit of spice if you are at home is to make it into a strip Nerf Gun war. This is also fun to play with the lights off and you guessed it, twinkle lights. a pair of Nerf guns and a

What you need

⦁ Water

⦁ Nerf Guns

⦁ Twinkle Lights

⦁ A shield of some sort

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