Must see Waterfalls On Maui

1. Waimoku Falls

  • Click this link for directions

  • Follow the Pīpīwai Trail to see this amazing waterfall on Maui.

  • make the experience extra special and camp at Kīpahulu Campground

2. Twin Falls

  • click location to get directions

  • Beautiful and easy to get to

3. Iao Valley

  • Follow this link for driving directions to Iao Valley

  • Smaller waterfalls but great for swimming in small pools and having a picnic

4. Bamboo forest hike

  • follow this link for driving location

  • features multiple waterfalls. you have to swim through a canal to get to the last waterfall and totally worth it. Leave belongings behind.

  • This is my favorite hike because of the varies different attributes that the hike offers,

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