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The Best Hawaii Wedding Venues by Island

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Below are some of the best wedding venues in Hawaii.

Grand Wailea Wedding Venue
Grand Wailea Wedding Venue | Maui Venue

According to Google, people search for where people get married in Hawaii quite often. So rightfully, I thought I should write a blog post. So here it is, a guide to Hawaii Wedding Venues.

Each island has a different vibe and I highly recommend picking out which island you want to visit before picking out which wedding venue is right for you. As a Hawaii wedding Photographer, that's based out of Maui, these are some of my favorites to work with.

Hawaii Wedding Venues

Hawaii Wedding Venues

Maui Wedding Venues

5 Palms Wedding Venue Maui Hawaii
5 Palms Wedding Venue | Maui Hawaii

Oahu Wedding Venues

Kauai Wedding Venues

Hawaii Island - Big Island Wedding Venues

Things to consider before getting Married in Hawaii;

Please note that, is not legal to get married at certain beaches and locations in Hawaii. If you have over 20 people you are not legally allowed to have a wedding directly on the beach on most of the islands.

This is why it is important to have trusted vendors that are local in the area that can help you through decided which location is best for you.

All Wedding venue photographs are by Maui Photographer Colleen's Captures

If you are looking for a local Hawaii photographer, Colleen's Captures would love to photograph your special wedding day and help advise you on the best wedding venues Hawaii has to offer

The Royal Lahaina Wedding Venue
The Royal Lahaina Wedding Venue | Maui Venue

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