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9 Props to Bring to Your Photo Session

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

As a photographer, I love to suggest ways to add variety and an extra bit of joy to my client’s final galleries. I mean, your smile is the best and most important accessory to bring to your photo session— but props make for an even more fun-filled experience! Often bringing something little goes a long way so I have put together a list of easy ways to elevate your beach shoot.

1. Bubbles - I’ll start with my favorite suggestion. You cannot go wrong with bubbles. It’s a great way to keep the little ones entertained or add a joyful dash of fun to any session.

2. Lei/flowers- Flowers! Always a beautiful touch of color. Leis are a symbol of love, celebration, honor, and greeting in Hawaiian culture, making them the most fitting accessories to wear for portraits with loved ones. There are a number of florists here on Maui with leis and tropical bouquets always available. Ask us for florist recommendations!

3. Quilt/blanket- Bringing along the perfect picnic blanket always makes for adorable boho sitting poses. I especially love this suggestion for couples. I always suggest wrapping the blanket around the couples shoulders for a cozy, intimate shot.

4. Fairy Lights- These are a great little tool for creating magical light tricks. They are a ton of fun to play around with towards the end of a sunset session. Just make sure they are battery operated!

5. Champagne- Celebrating something? Again, you can not go wrong with bubbles (for the adults!) Champagne creates cheerful, bubbly photos for honeymoons, anniversary, birthdays and much more! Don’t forget a couple flutes and to drink responsibly.

6. Sunglasses- Group photos where everyone is looking absolutely star studded wearing their favorite sunnies are always charming. Just make sure everyone brings a pair.

7. Swimsuit- Been dying to capture the perfect crashing wave shot or show of the suit you spent entirely too much money on to just wear out a few times? Wear the suit under your outfit! We will get that perfect sultry shot. Plus, it adds a unique variety to your gallery.

8. Sunhat- Hats are a no brainer. They are such an easy way to elevate portraits. I count them as props because they are a blast to mess around with. The options are endless.

9. Uke- Who doesn't love a little strum and serenade on the beach? I love this suggestion for everyone— not just the musicians. Inviting music into the session is guaranteed to bring out genuine emotion, creating the best photos.

Like I said, easy! Props are totally optional but totally worth the effort. It’s an excellent way to engage everyone’s creativity and get the whole family excited to be in front of the camera!

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