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Where to Shop Local Hawaiian Clothing Brands

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

This list of Hawaiian apparel brands brings to the forefront the local entrepreneurs who are dedicated to sustainability and keeping island style, as well as culture, alive and well.

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  • Studio Sides is a unique local clothing brand that creates wear-able artwork. It is truly remarkable, as it uniquely combines creativity and a personal touch to portray Nature's beauty.

  • Studio sides use petals, leaves, and other natural elements to create stunning botanical prints on their handmade products. Studio Sides pieces are a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, crafted predominantly from silk fabric. Their designs make them a desirable piece to have in your wardrobe, as they provide both relaxation and style. Their products strive to be eco-friendly and sustainably sourced. Each clothing piece is carefully hand-dyed with local Maui flowers and U.S.-produced natural dye extracts.

  • Kūlua is a small team of wahine handcrafting clothing for modern Hawaiian life right in their Makawao studio. Every piece is woven with their message of aloha and the sustainability of Hawaiian lands and culture. They offer a casual selection of classic Hawaiian attire for the whole family as well as local home-goods and jewelry.

  • Matching aloha wear is kind of a big deal on Hawaii and Pohaku is doing it right. Local to O'ahu, this momma-owned small business brings us the most stylish matching collection for the whole family. It also carries a selection of Hawaii couple outfits that would make your honeymoon all the more romantic.

  • Note: This brand is only available online!

  • In the heart of Maui, Hawaii, Evamele Swimwear stands as a testament to the beauty and authenticity inspired by the island. Known for its Ohana matching swimwear and exclusive Luxury Island collections, this small business is more than just a swimwear brand – it's a reflection of the Hawaiian spirit and a celebration of familial bonds.

  • The designs, intricately influenced by the landscapes and culture of Hawaii, offer a unique blend of prints tailored for diverse body types. Each piece, carefully handcrafted, tells a story of craftsmanship, adorned with Tahitian pearls and authentic Hawaiian sea shell details.

  • What sets Evamele Swimwear apart is not just its products but the story behind the brand. As a mama-owned small business, it epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship and the warmth of familial connection. The handmade creations echo the love and beauty that resonate within the Ohana.

  • In a world saturated with mass-produced swimwear, Evamele Swimwear's commitment to handmade luxury is a breath of fresh air. The brand invites you to experience the natural elegance of the islands, wrapped in the authenticity of Maui's landscape and the care of a family-owned venture. Evamele Swimwear is not just swimwear; it's a piece of Hawaii, a piece of Ohana.

  • Looking to thrift something unique? C.U.T is the place for you. This gem in the heart of Wailuku Town offers a beautifully curated selection of pre-loved clothing, promoting sustainability and individual style. C.U.T. typically carries up-cycled Hawaiian clothing brands that you see here on the blog post.

  • Offering a wide variety of Hawaiian chic and airy staples, Mahina is the perfect shop to upgrade your beach style. The elegant simplicity of their overall aesthetic is quite the draw and sets them apart. Founded on Maui in 2006, Mahina has grown into an inter-island success with 15 shops across the islands. Visit them in Lahaina, Paia, and Wailea as well as the other islands. Perfect for finding the cute sundress for Hawaii.

  • Looking to get in the water? Indigo Wild is a small earth conscience swimwear company based right here on Maui. Their bathing-suits are made from a unique biodegradable fabric, perfect for those of us who never leave the beach and want to give back to the planet. It's my favorite spot to get my Hawaii bikini and swimwear.

  • Note: This business is online only.

  • Acacia is a Hawaiian swimwear brand offering high-quality swimsuits and stylish beach wear for women and children while keeping sustainability in mind. Though they retail in stores across the country, their lone flagship store is located right in Paia.

Seeking out and supporting local Hawaiian small businesses while out and about in the world is a fantastic way to help communities and culture thrive. By supporting these amazing Hawaiian shops, not only do you get to bring a little piece of the islands home with you to remember forever, you are giving back too.

  • Nestled along Historic Makawao Town’s main drag, you can find stunning, designed-in-house aloha wear and locally made accessories at Holoholo Surf. This little shop is a true local favorite for Hawaiian clothing for the entire family.

  • A stunning and contemporary brand, this business manufactures products in Hawaii while providing financial support to the local community since 2020.

  • Based out of O'ahu, Hawaii

  •  This modern boutique located in Wailuku Town specializes in handpicking mostly Hawaiian designed/made products that cater to every island girl’s unique lifestyle. Run by the coolest momma of two, Brown Eyed Bella is a huge advocate for Hawaii-based creators and helps their customers find something they will love forever.

Bonus entry:

  • I couldn’t not include Native Intelligence on this list because they make it their mission to champion native Hawaiian craftsmanship and culture. They are a retail space with a little something for everyone. From clothing and leis to hand-carved tools and jewelry. They also strive to educate and inform. They love to talk so don't be afraid to ask questions! I learn something new every time I go there. As visitors on this island (including long-term visitors like myself), it is important to respect and educate ourselves about the people who were here first. Show Native Intelligence a little love and come out with a little smarter for it (and maybe pick up a lei for your photos!)


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