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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

1. Biodegradable Confetti!

  • Hole punch some heart shaped confetti out of leaves

  • Or Entire leaves

  • Dehydrated flowers petals make for a stunning and colorful addition to your wedding

  • Bird seeds

  • Lavender

  • Bubbles

  • Rice

2. Green Vendors

  • Look for vendors that have green values

  • Choose local vendors over outsourcing

  • If you are looking to book me as your photographer, I personally partner up with local vendors on Maui who strive hard to be as sustainable

3. Ways to save money and be kinder to the earth when choosing your gowns and suits

  • Rent your dress

  • Look for a second hand gown and suit at your local thrift stores or online.

  • Up-cycle vintage dresses (This is my favorite - see photograph)

  • If you choose the route of creating your own dream dress choose a designer who practices ethical designing

  • Choose fabric like organic cotton

  • Choose a design that you can wear again

  • Donate your wedding dress and suit after your final day

  • Go barefoot

4. Flowers

  • In season flowers so that they don't come from over seas

  • Purchase local flowers

  • Donate your flowers to hospitals or elderly homes after your big day

  • If you choose me as your photographer, I make a special gift for you out of your flowers that I send to you personally by mail after your wedding date.

5. Jewelry

  • Fair trade jewelry

  • Ethical source metals

  • Up-cycle vintage rings

6. Eat Green on Your Wedding Day with These Tips

  • Seasonal foods

  • Local goods

  • Fresh Produce from local farmers and Markets

  • Ask your guess to bring containers for leftovers

  • Have sustainable box's for them to take home excess food

  • Vegan wedding menu

  • Buy alcohol in bulk

  • Ditch the straws

  • Vegan wedding cake

  • Use glassware, bamboo, or ceramics instead of plastic

  • Rent the glassware

  • Fabric napkins

7. Venue

  • Get married in nature so their requires minimum decorations

  • Arrange carpooling for guests

8. Gifts from Guests

  • Ask for sustainable gifts

  • Ask for honeymoon money instead of physical gifts

9. Wedding favors

  • Reusable bag

  • Natural soaps

  • Herbs

  • Local honey

10. Other things you can do

  • RSVP through a modern website

  • Ditch sending invites in the mail

  • Elope and have a smaller wedding that produces less waste

  • Spend part of your honeymoon volunteering where you are vacationing

  • Express your desires to be Environmentally friendly to your wedding planner.

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