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Intimate Beach Wedding in Kapalua | By Colleen's Captures

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Kapalua Elopement | 06/24/2022 | 05:45 PM | Madison + David

Hawaii Wedding Vendors

Hair and Makeup: Lexi with Hitched in Maui
Maui officiant: Kuya
Hawaii Elopement photographer: Colleen's Captures

As we were walking down to the beach to start off Madison and David's elegant beach wedding, we were pleasantly surprised as it started to lightly drizzle just enough to welcome the wedding with a beautiful rainbow. As the ceremony started, the rain subsided and the sun started to glow through the clouds and illuminated Madison and David as the ceremony began.

Madison and David's intimate wedding was celebrated with small select guests from each side of their family.

Congrats to the beautiful couple!


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