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Capturing Colorado Springs Fashion Week Casting With Colleen's Captures

As an editorial and event photographer, I'm constantly in search of the perfect shot, the moment that encapsulates the essence of an event. Recently, I had the privilege of documenting the casting for Colorado Springs Fashion Week, and let me tell you, it was a whirlwind of excitement.

From 12 to 4, The Meanwhile Block in Colorado Springs buzzed with anticipation as local Colorado models strutted their stuff for the chance to grace the runway during Fashion Week.

Amidst the flurry of activity, there was another key player adding to the ambiance of the event: local DJ Chloe Bee Blessed. Her infectious beats provided the perfect soundtrack to the casting, infusing the atmosphere with an undeniable energy that kept spirits high and mood grooving.

So here's to the behind-the-scenes heroes, the unsung artists who bring Fashion Week to life. And here's to the models who strut their stuff with confidence and grace, embodying the spirit of Colorado style.

Stay tuned for June when the real fashion show goes down!

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