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Fjord Wedding Outside Oslo, Norway | By Colleen's Captures

Helle & Arne 2022

This wedding was dear to my heart. I met Helle ten years ago when we both were exchange students in the same program in Ghana. She made one of those once-in-a-lifetime impacts on me. In some ways, I wonder if I would even be here without her. Helle is the kinda person that even time and distance can not rust away the love and appreciation I have for her. To be able to not only be part of her special day but capture the beauty of it was beyond special. It was my first time meeting Arne in person. After watching their love grow from a distance it was oh-so delightful to see how adorable the two of them interact with each other in person. It was like watching young lovers, despite them being together for years!

Helle and Arne had around 100 wedding guests come to the quaint island of Knut Opdal. Only approximately an hour out of Oslo. The wedding was a weekend of delightful events such as origami, swing dancing lessons, baking, cooking, there was even synchronized swimming, as other fun activities that build up to the unique and beautiful wedding. You could really witness the love and respect that others had for both Helle and Arne as their community of loved ones spent the weekend in preparation for their love.

There were so many small but meaningful details that created such a unique wedding day. One of the highlights of the wedding day was when Arne surprised Helle with a song that he had written for her and was backed up by Helle's choir. I swore I could hear a few sniffles from the wedding guest as they tried to hold back tears.