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Passionate Hawaii Elopement in the Rain | Hawaii Elopement by Colleen's Captures


Chanel and Mike contacted me a month before their wedding when they spontaneously decided to elope in Hawaii! They traveled all the way from Canada thinking they were going to have an orange sunrise ceremony, but the weather had something different in mind that day. With their spontaneous spirits, they went with the flow and were blessed by the Hawaiian rains. Their wedding was welcomed with the pouring down rain as the sun rose over the horizon. With the sun out, we got wild skies that changed from orange, blue, green, and purple, and it didn't just end there it finished with the most spectacular double rainbow! It was the most magical day and the perfect way for Mike and Chanel to start their marriage.

Hawaii Elopement

black and white Hawaii Elopement in the rain

Hawaii Elopement in the rain  couple saying vows on the beach

Officiant: Weddings by Kuya

Photographer Colleen's Captures

Videographer gauchovisual

Kuya officiant blowing shell to start ceremony in hawaii

Bride leis her groom during wedding ceremony

Groom puts ring on brides hand

Couple laugh with the officiant during ceremony

bride fixes grooms shirt during Hawaiian wedding ceremony

Epic maui skies for maui elopement ceremony

bride and groom sign marriage license on the ironwoods beach

Couple celebrate first kiss in Kapalua

Protecting camera gear during rainy wedding ceremony

Couple walk down maui beach at sunrise with purple skies

Couple kiss after raining elopement. Earthy green tones

Magical maui elopement with palm trees

Hawaii Elopement in the rain

Trash the dress photos in the ocean

couple trashes the dress in the ocean

Hawaii Elopement in the rain