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Tips for Reviewing Wedding Galleries: A Photographer's Perspective

When selecting a wedding photographer, it's crucial to delve deep into their portfolios to ensure they align with your vision. Here are some essential tips to guide you through the process:

Venue: Spruce Mountain Events by Colleen's Captures
Venue: Spruce Mountain Events by Colleen's Captures

1. Review 2-3 Full Wedding Galleries

Viewing a couple of full wedding galleries, not just the highlight reels or instagram, provides a comprehensive understanding of a photographer's consistency and storytelling ability. Look for:

  • Consistency: Do they maintain quality throughout the event, from the ceremony to the reception?

  • Variety: Are there diverse shots that capture different aspects of the wedding?

2. Match the Aesthetic

Every photographer has a unique style. Ensure their aesthetic aligns with your vision. Consider:

  • Candid vs. Posed Shots: Do you prefer natural, spontaneous moments or carefully composed poses?

  • Editing Style: Are their photos bright and airy, dark and moody, or somewhere in between?

3. Handling Different Lighting Situations

Lighting can make or break a photo. Evaluate how the photographer manages various lighting conditions. This one is extremely important and often looked passed.

  • Direct Sunlight vs. Low Light: Do they produce clear, well-exposed photos in both harsh daylight and dim evening settings?

  • Venue Similarity: Check if the lighting conditions in their portfolio resemble those at your venue.

4. Second Shooter

A second shooter can capture additional angles and moments. Ask:

  • Is a Second Shooter Included? If so, will it be the same second shooter throughout?

  • Consistency with Main Shooter: Ensure the second shooter's style complements the main photographer's work.

5. Family Photos and Bridal Portraits

These are some of the most treasured photos. Consider:

  • Organization: How well do they handle large group shots?

  • Creativity: Are the bridal portraits unique and flattering? Do they look like they are having fun?

6. Inclusion of Bloopers

A confident photographer often includes bloopers, showcasing their ability to capture fun, candid moments and reflecting their personality and approachability. As someone with a goofy family and friends, I didn't initially receive bloopers in my wedding gallery and had to request them. They ended up being my personal favorites because they captured the true feeling of the night, not just the editorial images, which I also adored.

7. Variety of Angles and Images

A skilled photographer offers a mix of perspectives:

  • Close-ups and Wide Shots: Do they capture intimate details as well as grand scenes?

  • Creative Angles: Look for shots that are taken from unique perspectives.

8. Skin Tones

Proper representation of skin tones is vital:

  • True to Skin: Are the skin tones natural and flattering?

  • Diverse Representation: If your skin tone isn't represented, ask for samples of similar ethnicity to gauge their capability.

9. Editing Process

Understand how your photos will be processed:

  • In-House Editing vs. Outsourcing: Do they personally edit their photos or hire a company? Personal editing often means more attention to detail and consistency.

In summary, thorough examination of full wedding galleries, understanding a photographer's style and capabilities in various situations, and clear communication about your needs and expectations will ensure you find the perfect photographer for your special day. Happy planning!

Feel free to share these tips with anyone looking for their ideal wedding photographer, and remember, your perfect day deserves perfect photos!


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