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Sahian and Matt's mid-day beach wedding ceremony in Makena, Hawaii (2022)

Sahian and Matt's mid-day beach wedding ceremony in Makena, Hawaii.

The Details:

Date: October 10th, 2022

Time: 1:oo pm

Wedding Location: Makena Hawaii

Water splashes behind wedding couple during the day


Before meeting the newlyweds I had them fill out a brief questionnaire to get to know them just a little bit.

What made you choose Hawaii to elope?

"We had booked the trip before Matt proposed to me. We've always been on the same page about not wanting a traditional wedding for various reasons, but mostly because we feel marriage is about us and what we want. Having a private ceremony on a beach in Hawaii just feels right to us. We couldn't be more excited (and stress free)! We'll celebrate with family at a later time."

Aloha Akoni plays ukulele during wailea wedding

Maui officiant plays horn to start wedding

purple leis exchange on maui beach

light blue sky and earthy wedding colors

deep green florals at beach wedding.

laughing couple wedding photo on beach

fun beach wedding in makena hawaii

laughter on beach while exchanging vows

kissing hand with light blue ocean hawaii

first kiss on secret cove beach maui hawaii

officiant ends wedding on beach

signing of paper on beach

How did you meet?

"Matt and I worked at a park district gym for a few years together. He was just out of college and I was taking some classes at the local college. It wasn't until about a year in to us working together that we really started getting to know each other. We were supposed to keep things casual since I was moving to Chicago within that year, but that ended up not being the case because here we are 6 years later!"

grainy earthy wedding photo in hawaii

first dance by lava rocks and teal ocean on maui

beautiful revolve wedding dress on beach

Bride dances in boho beach wedding dress

Spring hawaii blue sky wedding

Hawaii Wedding in September blue skies

kiss on lava rocks moody wedding photo

celebrating the wedding!


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