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Pearl Wedding at Ironwoods Cliffs | By Colleen's Captures

Jon and RaeAnn had a beautiful sunny wedding on Saturday, Sep 24, 2022, on the cliffs of Ironwood on Maui Hawaii.

They started off their Maui wedding day with a private first look. Jon had the best reaction to his stunning bride.

I loved how RaeAnn added a lot of cute little pearl aesthetics to her wedding day to represent her new last name Pearl. It's those little things that make your wedding day stand apart!

We then headed to the cliffs where they joined in marriage with their family. The two shared leis and the most thought-out vows. Their wedding vows had everyone crying and laughing with tears of joy.

They ended their ceremony with a lovely first dance to Ukulele player Derick Sebastian as well as many hugs from their family.

We got a few stunning sunset photos before dusk before the two went off to celebrate their new marriage with their family.

To Get a little idea of their beautiful personalities when asked how they met on a little questionnaire RaeAnna responded with

"On the school bus in middle school. I HATED Jon but he was obsessed with me. He asked me out a million times and I finally said yes. Here we are almost nine years later. "

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