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The Perfect Balanced and Loving Elopement in Kapalua, Hawaii

01/23/2023 || Kim + Ross


What could be more romantic than eloping in Maui, Hawaii? The lush tropical atmosphere, the warm ocean breeze, and the stunning natural beauty make it the perfect destination for a dreamy elopement.

Maui Wedding Details:

Newly Weds: Kim + Ross

Date: 01/23/2023

Ceremony Location: Kapalua Maui, Hawaii

Maui Wedding Vendors:

Officiant/ Hair & Makeup: Hitched in Maui

Florals: Beedelightedflorals

Maui Photographer: Colleen's Captures

Kim and Ross kicked off their marriage in the most magical of ways, surrounded by Hawaii's breathtaking scenery. The picturesque beauty of Kapalua, Maui created a perfect start to their new journey together. Those two lovebirds were even blessed with an absolutely stunning rainbow! Having a rainbow on your wedding day is a sign of luck and good fortune! And these deserve nothing but the best!

The newly married couple created some of their first memories as husband and wife as they danced and walked the beach as the romantic sunset set in. They couldn't help but giggle, share sweet kisses and have a wonderful time. The bride looked breathtaking in her pearly white wedding gown that highlighted her beautiful dark hair. Ross looked dashing in his suit; he even did his boutonniere himself with yellow plumeria flowers from outside the place they were staying. The plumeria flower is a symbol of love, as well as being associated with new beginnings. How fitting!

Don’t miss out on all of the fun - check out the photos below!



Capture Your Maui Moment with Colleen's Captures!

Colleen's Captures is a full-service Maui wedding photography studio located in Kihei, Hawaii. Our experienced team of photographers and videographers will capture your special day with beautiful images that you'll cherish for a lifetime. We specialize in capturing the beauty of Hawaii's natural environment and the joy of couples in love.

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