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How to Prepare for your Photography Experience?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Wondering how to prepare to be photographed?

Try to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before to make sure there is enough parking spaces or that you are in the correct location.

I ask that you please put any phones, cameras or filming devices, etc... away for the duration of your session out of respect to me and my time.

Maui is a beautiful location and a lot of patterns on clothing can tend to clash and make the photograph look "busy." Keep patterns to a minimum.

Color blocking and coordinating is always a plus when in groups!

If it is windy be aware of the "Monroe effect"!

Feel free to bring accessories to spice things up such as hats, a change of outfit, bathing suit, layers, etc.

Please be aware that your outfit and shoes will most likely get either a little wet and sandy. Wear something nice but you won't be upset if gets a little messy.

Bring a brush! Trade winds can cause a lot of fly away strands of hair! Not a bad idea too wet or spray them down just a little.

If any of the poses or candid's do not express yourself tell me so that I can find one that does! I want to capture the honest you and sometimes I don't know that unless you speak up!

I send the location to your cell phone make sure to use that exact location via the google map link instead of the name of the beach. Often times the beaches have multiple entrances and it can be kind of confusing to find each other. This eliminates the issues especially since sometimes there is no cell service.

Leave your phone, sunglasses, ponytails in the car! These things often get in the way of the natural state of the photo! (additional costs for photoshopping them out applies)


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